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About Search Engine Spider Simulator


We’ve developed one of the best Search Engine spider simulators for our users. It works on the same pattern as the search engine spider work, especially google spider. It displays the compressed version of your site. It will let you know the Meta tags, Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta keywords usage, HTML source code, H1 to H4 Headings and along with that the incoming and outbound links of your Webpage. However, if you feel that several links are missing from the results and our web crawler isn’t locating them, it could have a reason.

Below you’ll find the reason for such a situation.

  • If you are using dynamic HTML, JavaScript or Flash, then the spiders aren’t able to locate the internal links on your site.
  • If there’s a syntax error in the source code, then the google spiders/search engine spiders won’t be able to read them properly.
  • In case, you’re using WYSIWYG HTML editor, it will overlay your existing content, and the links may get suppressed.

These may be some of the reasons if the links are missing from the generated report. Apart from the factors mentioned above, there may be several other factors.